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We support the animal protection organization

"Help for Baska Cats"

The animal protection organization was founded by Bernhard Suler and Barbara Suler in 2015.

The purpose of this organization is to raise funds to care for animals in need. Food rations and medically necessary supplies are provided through voluntary donations. In addition, medical treatments are also provided for the ongoing and uncontrollable population of strays. 

With the cooperation carried out directly on site, the animal protection organization is able to take these steps. Donors can rely on the fact that 100% of the donations will be used for the benefit of animal welfare in BASKA. The administrative costs for these organizations are extremely slim and are 100% financed by Bernhard and Barbara Suler. 

Cat photo, animal protection
Animal welfare, cats
Animal protection
Animal welfare, cats
Animal welfare, cats

Cat feeding by one of many local volunteers on the island of Krk. 

Bernhard Suler, Barbara Suler, animal welfare, cats

Handover of feed at the border to the island of KRK to our local support ANICA

Information about the animal protection organization Help for Baska Cats can be found at the following LINK

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